Welcome to the RandomDupes Rules & Information! Please read the rules before playing!
Server Rules

  • Treat others with respect
There’s no need to say or do things to make others feel bad or upset. Trolling, generally defined as provoking a person/situation to get a response, is also not allowed. This also includes attacking/killing players on the Server.
  • Offensive content is not allowed
While some minor amount of swearing is allowed, severe or frequent vulgarity, especially when directed at others, is not. Offensive item/mob names, skins, Minecraft structures and usernames are not allowed, and you are required to change or remove any if asked by a staff member.
  • Keep chat friendly
Chat should be reasonably friendly. This means, however, that certain subjects are not tolerated in chat. These include, but are not limited to, discussions about sex, politics, religion, vulgarity, and topics most would deem insensitive or inappropriate. If a staff member asks you to move a conversation elsewhere or drop it altogether, do so respectfully and cooperatively.
  • Advertising is not allowed
Advertising other Minecraft servers, discords, Buycraft shops, or Minecraft networks is strictly prohibited. You may not advertise websites, YouTube channels, Twitch streams, or anything unless content is related to RandomDupes or permission has been granted by Management.
  • Spamming is not allowed
Spamming is filling chat with multiple unneeded characters or messages. Any form of character, letter, or command spam will not be tolerated.
  • ​Do not scam or attempt to scam other players
Scamming is taking IRL money, items, work, or anything else of value from another player dishonestly. This includes teleporting people into traps, dishonestly trading with a player, or deceiving another player to purchase a rank for you. Any of these will result in permanent removal from the server.
  • Duping
You MAY NOT use any other duping method besides the designated /dupe command.
  • Common Sense
You MAY NOT do anything that will cause harm to the server. This includes lag machines, chunk bans, and book bans. This is punished by Froosty. If I (Froosty) have to ever get on the server to deal with something that also falls under this category. Anything here will more than likely be a permanent ban and may not be appealed. 
  • Management
Management reserves the right to punish even if it doesn’t follow the rules. If management does punish you, this may not be appealed. For example, if you are spamming in chat, instead of going through the offenses one by one, management reserves the right to mute you instantly.
Management also reserves the right to do whatever they want. As long as it’s not full-out abuse.

Allowed/Disallowed Modifications
Allowed Mods List:
  • Optifine * Replay Mod
  • Toggle Sneak * Armor HUD
  • Potion HUD * Direction HUD
  • WayPoints Mod * Shaders
  • Better Animations * 5Zig 3.3.6+ / JustPvP
  • Full Bright
  • Rei's MiniMap (No Radar) * LabyMod 2.6+
  • Gamma * Lunar Client
  • Cosmic Client * Badlion Client
  • Schematica * Printer

Disallowed Mods List:
  • Tracers * X-Ray
  • BetterPvP * Vape/Ghost Clients
  • Hacked Clients * Script
  • Auto Messenger * AutoMine/Ect
  • TCP No Delay * Any Mods Not Listed
  • Auto Clickers